Open Letter

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I welcome you to our new, expanded website,

This portal to information, knowledge, and wisdom is the realization of a lifelong dream and a vision I have held for several decades. Here, at last, is a way for anyone, anywhere in the world, to discover the power of self-healing and the potential for global transformation. In a world gone wild with corruption, violence, and pollution, our only hope is in ourselves, and the collaboration and support we can share through the Internet. It can’t stop information – and the right information produces healing.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Now anyone, anywhere, can initiate a life transformation through the use of self-healing, wellness, and peak performance tools. offers you dozens of opportunities to:

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Medicine For A New Millennium

At first, in the ’60s and ’70s, when my colleagues and I published our original work demonstrating the power of the mind to heal the body, it was met with skepticism. The notion of holistic medicine, inner ecology, and the value of meditation and imagery seemed far-fetched but this was soon to change.

By the ’90s, people were spending more than 27 billion dollars a year on so-called alternative practitioners, herbs, supplements, healing recordings, and the like. Unfortunately, mainstream medicine, obsessed with technological “fixes,” had failed to recognize these needs in the ’70s and thus lost the opportunity to guide patients in the wise integration of these new approaches. The result was that far too much of what is sold as “alternative medicine” is hype, some of it quite dangerous.

Trust, Healing, and the World Wide Web

I have often lamented how impersonal today’s world has become. In the face of the overemphasis on competition and wealth, we suffer both physical and spiritual illness; this is because we place too little value on the virtues of honesty, integrity, pride in workmanship, commitment, ethics, and collective values.

Unfortunately, this pattern has extended itself to the healthcare field as well. We have all but lost the personal relationship of the patient to the caring physician; instead, we have “managed care” and over-focus on the “bottom line” instead of on the patient.

The Internet, (if we can wade through the reams of misleading lies and nonsense) offers a unique solution, a way to bring trustworthy information directly to people.

Drugs and surgery do not heal; like a cast on a broken leg, all they can do is support the body while the body heals itself. In fact, the most powerful healing aspect of the doctor-patient relationship is trust. But with the disappearance of the “family doctor”, the healing power of trust is too seldom accessed. is designed to be a place on the web that deserves the same trust I receive from the patients and clients I see in my medical practice. I, alone, determine what is published on this site; its accuracy and veracity rests upon my personal integrity. The site is not “farmed out” to a set of writers or PR specialists.

All the information and wisdom presented here have been filtered through my clinical experience and research and is intended to enable you to access your inner resources, heal yourself, how to get well, stay well, perform at your peak, and become the person you really want to be.

Wider Circles of Healing

Another thing that has distressed me through the years is the declining quality of personal relationships.

True friendships, commitment, family spirit, and community empowerment have been slowly eroded as we have become less grounded, with our lives more controlled by outside forces. We have less free time, less job security, more anxiety, and less social support. We live far away from those we care about, and we are so busy it is often impossible to stay in touch even by phone.

One of the goals of is to participate in the growing global movement to change all this (see Our Culture On The Couch). I believe that modern communication technology, especially the Web, can actually give us a way to resuscitate our personal relationships. The events since Sept 11, 2001, illustrate, painfully, how urgent is the need to examine how we need to come together, collaborate, and heal our families, communities, nation, and the planet.

You will find tools here to help with this kind of healing as well. It’s high time we all awaken to our potential for self-healing, peak performance, and social (local and global) transformation. It’s just a matter of waking up enough people, and perhaps we now have a big enough alarm clock to do that.

Wishing you deep healing and peace,

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Emmett Miller MD