Mindfulness and Your Mind: Step 1 (video and free meditation)


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Our imagery this week will be an introduction to mindfulness meditation. This video is excerpted from one of my professional trainings, in it I will share an important experience from my life, and then the mindfulness experience.

In this relaxed state the power of the imagery you hold in your mind is multiplied, as is the power of the words you say to yourself. Sometimes the changes come about so quickly, completely and permanently it’s almost as if the messages you are giving your mind, are magic words.

It’s almost as if the words are magic!

Although it seems deceptively simple, once you can reliably go to that quiet inner place you are ready to go beyond temporary relief to profound healing and change (I have seen it thousands of times in my practice and my teaching). This next step involves intentionally guiding your thoughts, emotions, and images in specific ways to awaken the magic of the healing process.

Programs to further your learning:

Power of Your Mind to Nurture Your Spirit: How to Awaken and Empower Your Self (DVD)

For more than 2 hours, Dr. Miller, in his uniquely soothing and wisely entertaining way, will take you on a journey of discovery: a self-guided exploration of spirituality. Spirituality is the process of separating the superficial from the essential, and as you listen you will find that to discover spirit is to discover the relatedness of all existing things.

For this journey you will be first be guided into a meditative, contemplative mood, one fully compatible and complementary with all spiritual, philosophical, and religious systems. Next you will experience the wise teachings Dr. Miller has distilled from many Eastern and Western traditions. Experience, through profound inner experiences, beautiful photographs and videos, and music the beauty, scope, and healing potential of your own unique spiritual Self. An excellent gift that says “I love you” again and again. More info:


Learn How To Manage Your Stress

Letting Go Of Stress (CD)

This CD contains four specific relaxation and stress reduction techniques. You may find that certain techniques are more effective than the others, and you might choose to use them more often. Also, each technique tends to reduce stress more effectively in a specific area. Part A, for example, is usually most effective for relieving muscular tension and spasm.

Letting Go of Stress Provides you with Four easy yet powerful methods to effortlessly and effectively manage the stresses in your life, anytime in your life, anytime you need.

  1. Muscle Tension Relaxation focuses on recognizing and eliminating muscle tension, a common symptom of stress. This experience can be used to relieve various forms of tension – tension headache, gastrointestinal symptoms, low-back tension, and vascular symptoms such as hypertension.
  2. Autogenic Stress Relief combines two time-tested methods of psychophysiological self-regulation: deep breathing (yogic breathing) and autogenic training.
  3. A Trip to the Beach introduces mental imagery, using the “relaxation response” technique combined with image visualization. A real favorite.
  4. Mental and Physical Relaxation incorporates positive image projection and a special technique for mental quieting to help you be free to concentrate your attention and energy on the goals of your choice.

As you listen, you’ll notice positive changes almost immediately.  You’ll enjoy using these programs over and over, and appreciate how this CD helps you calm your mind, relax your body, and let go of unwanted stress. More Info:


Writing Your Own Life Script (2 CD)

• To teach people how to develop desirable mental, emotional, and physical habits.
• To help them confront unwanted patterns in life, including maladaptive social patterns.
• To assist in releasing those patterns and replacing them with more effective responses.
• To teach the fundamental Selective Awareness process.

Description of Exercises:

CD 1, ‘Part A’ – Setting Your Image Goal:  Builds self-confidence and motivation as you journey inward in your own private elevator to your personal screening room where you experience positive mental, physical, and emotional images of yourself. (20:10)

CD 1, ‘Part B’ – Letting Go of the Past:  You will view the past objectively and permit your mind to release non-adaptive patterns through a “de-conditioning” process. (19:50)

CD 2, ‘Part C’ – Writing Your Own Future Script:  You will choose new ways to respond to stressful situations by creating mental images. This key section of the program helps you associate your desired behavior with expected rewards by using image rehearsal. (19:54)

CD 2, ‘Part D’ – Applauding Your Progress:  Helps you make new patterns permanent through positive reinforcement. (19:10)

More Info:

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