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Our Culture on the Couch – 7 Steps to Global Healing

Your first gift is the newest of the six books he has written; it represents perhaps his greatest contribution to the transformation, the paradigm shift, that so many of us are working toward and that must occur if we want to be in charge of setting our communal direction into the future – something that must occur if we are to create sustainability, or to even survive. Dr. Miller’s life and work have been an ongoing process of awakening to certain eternal truths about life and humanity and applying them for personal healing and transformational change in relationships, teams, and communities.

Our Culture on the Couch presents the results of these findings and shows us why we need to begin to wake up to the fact that we must go beyond the limitations of the past and create a sustainable, just, and peaceful future. In Our Culture on the Couch, Dr. Miller reveals the result of the careful examination he performed on our world and the people in it, and shares the single systemic diagnosis he has found for the many serious ailments that currently threaten our civilization. But, surprisingly, the prognosis is not necessarily dire. Despite the litany of problems we face – personal fear, illness and depression; violence; political and corporate corruption; terrorism; environmental devastation – Miller finds underlying causes that he believes can be successfully treated and reveals the treatment he recommends.

Resist and Prevent Viral Infections:  3-Part Guided Imagery Program

Image of COVID19 virusSure, right now you are confronting a mysterious, invisible enemy. That is true, and the healthiest thing you can do is to learn to accept that it is trueThe most effective way to do this is to relax the tension that has built up in your body, relax your emotions which are not helpful at this moment (worry, fear, blame, doubt, etc), and relax your mind by emptying it of these unnecessary thoughts.

In the following program, I offer you a powerful technique for doing just this. It is called entering the state of deep relaxation, a state of mind very similar to that which is reached during meditation, self-hypnosis, and prayer. After finding your deeply relaxed state you will learn ways to use guided imagery to visualize the empowerment of the cells of your immune system and to prepare them to block, weaken, and kill any viral particles that should enter your body.

Part 1: Antiviral Heart-to-Heart (Talk) 
Part 2: Virus Protection (Guided Imagery/Meditation)
Part 3: Outsmarting COVID (Affirmations)

Relaxation and Inspiration

Download Relaxation and Inspiration Guided Imager & Meditation Experience with eNewsletter Signup - image

This soothing experience of guided imagery is part 1 of the CD/mp3 download Relaxation and Inspiration. It is a good basic introduction to Mind-Tools, and is self-explanatory. Simple, comforting, and invigorating – a good all around meditation and stress management tool, as well as a way to kindle some fire in your belly.

After relaxing into a deep meditation, you are guided by Dr. Miller to deeper, inspirational levels of your being. Your meditative experience continues over beautiful classical music, featuring the exquisite flute of Bettine Clemen, and other fine musicians. As you learn to apply this Software for your Mind, you more fully sense your deeper Self – what some might refer to as your “spirit,” or “soul,” and be inspired by it. Then you will be invited to bring this awareness and wisdom back to your everyday life, bringing with you your connection with this extraordinary inner source of power and Love.