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Image of Aeron Miller

Aeron Miller

Aeron Miller – General Manager

Aeron is Dr. Miller’s daughter and his biggest supporter.  She has been been working diligently behind the scenes to design and build the site and Dr. Miller’s Social Media presence.  She is also the main IT girl, strategic planner, event coordinator, Dr. Miller Rangler, and, pretty much anything else that needs to be done for the business.

Outside of the office she loves being involved in social and environmental movements, gardening, photography, and tending to her farm animals.  She choreographs and is co-founder/artistic director of, Nevada City based, Beyond Fire Tribe.

Contact Aeron:

[email protected]
530-478-1807 (x25)

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith – Client/Patient Services & Assistant to Dr. Miller

I have worked for Emmett Miller for 13 years and have many titles, including “Scheduling Goddess” taking care of the calendar for patient appointments and Dr. Miller’s personal schedule, “Historian” because I have been here longer than most, I know the history of the company and products, and “Memory Bank” because of my knack for remembering trivia.

My work life has included Contracts Management for a large corporation in Northern California Bay Area, Human Resources and Education development for another corporation in the Sierra foothills. My varied background helps me talk to people from all walks of life and guide them to make the right choices for seeing Dr. Miller for psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, counseling or coaching in person or by phone.

I am married to a musician and retired engineer, so my weekends are filled with watching his band and dancing with friends. I also have a beautiful daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons who share my love of gardening and boating on our nearby lakes.

Contact Rebecca:

[email protected]
530-478-1807 (x10)

Susan McGuire - Product Manager @

Susan McGuire

Susan McGuire – Product Manger

Susan came on board in October of 2009 having recently been downsized from a private school where she was the Office Manager.  As Dr. Miller’s Product Manager she handles production, order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.  She is the primary contact for scheduling guests on his weekly Internet radio show, “Conversations With Extraordinary People.”  Because idle hands are the devil’s plaything, she is also involved with organizing Dr. Miller’s personal appearances.

The purchase of a home closely coincided with the new job, so Susan has spent her time outside of work helping to rehab the fixer-upper co-owned with the love of her life, Russell.

Contact Susan:

[email protected]
530-478-1807 (x12)

Kim Haight – Accounting @

Kim Haight

Kim & Elle Haight – Accounting Deptartment

I’ve worked for Dr. Miller since December 2010 as the bookkeeper.  I took this job because of the beautiful environment I get to work in.

I have a BA in Business/Accounting from Sonoma State University. I have worked in accounting, bookkeeping, tax auditing or tax preparation my whole working career.  I’m married, have three children and one grandchild. I enjoy horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking.


Contact Kim or Elle:

[email protected]
530-478-1807 (x14)

Cat Scholz - Web Weaver

Catherine Scholz

Catherine Scholz – WordPress Developer

Cat brings her WordPress skills to and other authors, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, small businesses, directories and folks working for positive change.

In addition to being a WordPress “Web Weaver” and a singer-songwriter, Catherine also enjoys being a mother to 2 wonderful children.

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Image of Cabrina Channing

Cabrina Channing

Cabrina Channing – Social Media Manager

Cabrina is our Social Media Manager.  She creates Dr. Miller’s Newsletters and helps to organize publication of our Free Resources and Dr. Miller’s Conversations with Extraordinary People.

She is also a long time member and organizer of Beyond Fire Tribe, is a silversmith and jewelery artistSee some of her unique designs.

Contact Cabrina:

[email protected]

Jesse Churchill  – Video/Audio Engineering and Production @

Jesse Churchill

Jesse Churchill – Video/Audio Engineering & Product Production

Jesse helps with anything that is needing to be produced, managed, organized or altered in the digital realm.

He works in Dr Miller’s studio space and helps supply the content involved with bridging the Doc’s prolific body of work into the online digital world. This includes content such as Dr. Miller’s Conversations With Extraordinary People podcast and  videos for Emmett Miller’s Youtube channel.

Outside of the office he is a freelance architectural designer and builder, a drummer in Nevada City based bands SambaDrop and Wonderfunk, an electronic music producer and dj, and  co-founder and logistics director of Nevada City based Beyond Fire Tribe.

Contact Jesse:

 [email protected]
530-478-1807 (x24)