Your Food, Cancer, and How to Confront This Inflammation Nation – A Conversation with Sunil Pai, MD


Dr. Sunil PaiDr. Pai’s message states says that although what you eat may not cause cancer, what you eat can determine whether or not your body will support the growth of cancer. How you handle stress has a direct effect on your body’s healing response. By eating a non-inflammatory diet, you can heal many illnesses and sustain your health through. Dr. Sunil Pai is an unusual man.

Sunil Pai, M.D., is a physician, a Medical Doctor, Board Certified in Holistic Integrative Medicine. He did a residency in Family Medicine, is a fellow of the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona (Class 2002) directed by Dr. Andrew Weil, has been certified by Dr. Deepak Chopra as a Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor and a Creating Health (Ayurveda Lifestyle) Instructor. That’s in addition to his being certified in Functional Medicine, Physiological Regulating Medicine, Medical Acupuncture and Scalp Acupuncture through Stanford University School of Medicine.

And he says we now have experimental proof and a biological understanding of why sustaining your health through a non-inflammatory diet is important. His new book, Inflammation Nation, is fully annotated with valid scientific studies that support his claims. For instance, the studies on tumor cells growing in the laboratory that showed that when they were exposed to casein, the chief protein molecule in milk, the cells grew ten times faster, and when it is removed, the tumors gradually slow their growth.

In this show we will focus on the process of inflammation, how it can help us, and how it can harm us. Inflammation is at the base of illnesses from colitis, to heart disease, from arthritis to pink eye. You will learn how choosing the right foods can balance the inflammatory reactions in your body, and why it makes good sense to choose anti-inflammatory supplements.

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And it all makes sense! Don’t miss this episode.

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