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“I recently had major foot reconstructive surgery. I used your 2-recording series on preparing for surgery and had never used relaxation recordings before. Although I tried several others, yours was by far the best for me. I used them for 2 months before and now 4 and a half weeks after the surgery I am still using them. My surgery went extremely well. I had the anesthesia nurse read me healing statements. I had no pain when I woke up from the anesthesia. The nerve block helped, but so did my state of relaxation. I just returned from an acupuncture appointment and she said she’s never seen any scars healing so well. I love your recordings and tell everyone about them.”

~ Anne Jones

“I wanted to thank you for making your tapes available, especially Change the Channel on Pain, and Healing Journey. These two tapes helped me through four painful days while being bedridden with severe neck pain from a slipped disc and a degenerating disc. When the pain was so severe and unbearable, I laid on my back perfectly still and surrendered. I kept my body relaxed by using your Change the Channel on Pain tape for an hour and then switching for the next hour to the Healing Journey tape with the breathing music. I’ve learned how to separate my body from my mind to give them both a rest. I listened to Easing into Sleep every night and Rainbow Butterfly during the day, all the while staying flat on my back relaxing and enjoying my inner healing work. It was an exciting challenge to direct my mind and body to help heal from within and to be able to feel relaxed and know the pain at the same time. I’ve experienced a real accomplished feeling. Your tapes are invaluable. I’m fascinated by the benefits of relaxation and how it’s helped me in my life, and also by my ability to so easily and so pleasurably use imagery techniques.”

~ M.V.

“Thank you all very much for developing the A Time to Heal video. It will be of great value to our Oncology patient population and, hopefully, in the near future, to the entire hospital population.”

~ Mary Heery, RN, MSN, Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist, The Stamford Hospital, Stamford, CT

“I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with Dr. Miller’s video, Serenity . The feedback has been universally positive. His fine presentation of self, along with top-notch visuals and state of the art audio, make us eager to see future programs which would be useful in the chemical dependency treatment milieu. This video is making a vital contribution to the wellness of chemically dependent individuals across the country.”

~ Jeff Miller, Vice President, Motivational Media, Inc.

“…how Personal Excellence has caused almost miraculous changes in the life of an aspiring/struggling author of still-unpublished fiction. You would not believe, well, change that; sure, you would, that’s why you created the program in the first place, correct? You would not believe how that cassette series has changed my thinking about my aspirations. The doubt, uncertainty, and sometimes overwhelming feelings of futility have all but disappeared since I started working towards Personal Excellence.”

~ Michael Lee Alexander, Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. Miller’s Rainbow Butterfly is superb. I’m a terrible napper, but within five minutes of listening to Rainbow Butterfly, I’m out. I owe my health during my pregnancy to the tape. I recommend the tape all the time.”

~ Lonnie Barbach, PhD

“I was given a copy of your tape, Writing Your Own Script, five years ago and I have been so transformed that I look in the mirror and that is not the lady I grew up with. I don’t think the same, act the same, walk, talk, or look the same. You have been a major influence in my transformation and have truly helped me to experience the endless wells of joy in my spirit. I had been studying and reading metaphysical books, attending new age seminars and meditation classes for about four years. It was all just a lot of intellectual theories in my head. I could not get past my fear, guilt, anger, etc. You gave me a picture and the feelings of my real self and enabled it all to gel for me. I have been collecting meditation tapes for years. I have never seen anything as powerful and effective as your programs are.”

~ Rose Hinkson

Letting Go of Stress” has four different relaxation exercises all on one tape. This gives it variety and versatility in meeting the individual needs of the participants. People like it. They like your imagery, your voice, and the music. The timing is well-paced. No one feels rushed. And your cues seem to coincide naturally with people’s responses to the exercises. Participants have commented that it’s amazing how he seems to know exactly what’s happening with me. Because of the overwhelmingly positive reception to Letting Go of Stress within the stress management workshop at AT&T Communications, I have recommended and am using it in the same way at General Motors (and) at Motorola. Dr. Miller, not only have I personally seen and heard over 1000 individuals positively respond to Letting Go of Stress, but I have experienced first-hand the rewarding difference it has made in my own life. Letting Go of Stress, I’m convinced, is a winner!

~ Judith A. Frey, President, Global Development, Ltd.

Letting Go of Stress is unquestionably the best tape available on stress management and relaxation training. After several years of searching for an appropriate tape to use in my own personal as well as professional work, I finally came upon the work of Dr. Emmett Miller. His recordings and guided courses are clear, easy to follow, and ultimately effective. I highly recommend these tapes to all health professionals working in the field of stress management and to anyone interested in learning to relax, think more clearly, revitalize his or her body, sleep better, or simply be healthier.”

~ Ken Dychtwald, PhD, author of Bodymind, stress management consultant to government, industry, and media.