Products for Cancer Support

For many years, a diagnosis of cancer was seen as a virtual death sentence, and the fear of cancer diagnosis engendered was so great that people were sometimes not even told what they had . . . that was until Carl Simonton, Maggie Creighton, and Emmett Miller came along to completely revolutionize our way of dealing with the challenges of cancer.

Here are some wonderful programs to support people who are currently undergoing treatment:

  • General and specific imagery such as on Healing From Cancer (CD) has been shown to support general good health, as well as to specifically improve survival as well as quality of life.
  • Optimizing Radiation Therapy and Optimizing Chemotherapy have special imagery for those receiving chemo or radiation – so that your mind, emotions and body work with the goal of helping your body, mind and emotions work with the treatment.
  • Awakening the Healer Within is a recording of several talks done at the Cancer Support & Education Center, where Dr. Miller served as Medical Director, which looks at aspects of mind-body healing as they relate to the specific disease of cancer.

People undergoing treatment for cancer experience enormous changes in their lives; help for dealing with these changes can be found on:

The products below have been hand selected by Dr. Miller to help you or your loved ones Heal From Cancer!

If you do not see any programs below or have any questions about ordering, please contact BetterListen at [email protected]