Products for Healing Your Body

All healing comes from within. Even the world’s best doctor can only give you medicine and surgery to support recovery; the healing must be done by your body. Healing means the restoration of balance, wholeness, vigor and life. The key to getting your body to heal most rapidly lies in your mind and your thinking.

When your mind is deeply relaxed and focused, it can most effectively communicate its health giving wisdom and guidance to the cells of your body. Dr. Miller’s audio products will help with these healing stages:

Step 1: Guide your mind, body, emotion and spirit into the Healing State, a receptive openness related to deep relaxation, meditation, prayer and self-hypnosis.

Step 2: Use carefully designed images to direct healing energy to those parts that are ill or out of balance.

Step 3: Create and energize a future image of yourself completely healthy and well, so that your entire system accepts this goal and moves toward it.

The following programs will help you Heal Your Body:

  • Your body is a self-healing system, and Healing Journey will show you how to use mind, emotion and spirit to bring about healing from any condition.
  • If your healing involves surgery, Successful Surgery and Recovery can help you use less anesthesia, heal faster and more comfortably, through using the mind to condition and program the responses of the body to the surgical procedure.
  • Many more suggestions are listed below

The programs below are listed in alphabetical order and have been hand selected by Dr. Miller to help you Heal Your Body.

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