Products for Healing Relationships, Intimacy, Co-dependence, Divorce, Relationship Problems, Sexuality

Relationships fail due to the inadequate development of an independent Self, unclear boundaries and unreasonable demands and expectations of Self and others.

  • Inner Child Healing and I Am, as well as Personal Excellence (CD’s), help you develop a more secure sense of Self.
  • Writing Your Own Script will enable you to create new ways of interacting with others, and Finding Serenity will help you break the bonds of co-dependency.
  • Sexual Intimacy (CD) is a sensitive guide for men or women, individually or as couples, to opening to richer, more rewarding sexual experiences.
  • The book, Deep Healing, explores the inner skills, attitudes and images that can help you develop the capacity to be a whole person in a whole relationship.
  • Escape from Depression and Abolish Anxiety both offer a heart-to-heart talk enabling you to gain an understanding of depression and Anxiety—then guide you through exercises to retrain or rescript your deeper mind and nervous system.
  • Awakening the Leader Within presents a different way to look at yourself and those you relate to – as being able to relate in a different way.

The programs below are listed in alphabetical order and have been hand selected by Dr. Miller to help you Heal Infectious Illness.

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