Products for Self Motivation

  • Once you have a good sense of your Self, as from Inner Child Healing, I Am and I Can are excellent motivators, as is Ten-Minute Stress Manager, part two.
  • While driving to work or getting dressed, Launching Your Day helps you focus your true goals for the day and explores the importance of self-esteem in motivating yourself.
  • Personal Excellence (CD’s) is a complete program linking self-respect, personal mission, self-motivation and the use of future visioning techniques.
  • Self-motivation is explored in the book, Dr. Miller’s Book Deep Healing.
  • Much of the program, Awakening the Leader Within, is about motivating yourself by being in touch with your deepest values and resources.

The programs below are listed in alphabetical order and have been hand selected by Dr. Miller to help you Achieve Self Motivation.

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