Products for Smoking Cessation, Quitting Smoking, Tobacco Addiction

Smoking is a complex behavior combining self-esteem factors, social aspects, physical habits and chemical addiction.

  • Smoke No More is a two-CD series offering four of the most effective techniques for eliminating tobacco from your life. People often use smoking to help control stress, and when they stop, the stress, anxiety and irritability can become quite high.
  • Stress Fitness, Volume 1 and Volume 2 will help you understand how to combat and counteract stress.
  • Letting Go of Stress (CD) gives you specific techniques for relaxation and reducing the stress load. Sometimes a more complete program of building self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-success can be valuable to, in effect, “redo your life.”
  • Personal Excellence (CD’s) is an excellent choice for this.
  • Dr. Miller’s book,Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind-Body Medicine will help you understand how your mind has become programmed to accept, and even crave, health-destroying tobacco products—and you will understand what you can do about this.

The programs below are listed in alphabetical order and have been hand selected by Dr. Miller to help you Overcome Tobacco Addiction.

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