Products for Weight Loss/Weight Management (obesity, dieting, eating disorders)

Weight loss is easy, just take in fewer calories than you expend! The challenge is choosing the right diet and exercise program and sustaining motivation to stick to them.

  • Permanent Weight Loss helps you make the mental adjustment you need to make in order to carry out a successful weight maintenance program over a long period.
  • Imagine Yourself Slim offers four powerful experiences, body image building, developing healthy eating patterns, and releasing negative patterns.
  • When there are other patterns, such as exercise and social behaviors, Writing Your Own Script can help you choose the behavior you want and “program” it in.
  • In our culture, weight problems are often closely associated with self-esteem problems. Inner Child Healing addresses the deepest level of self-acceptance.
  • To endure the stresses of weight loss and maintain a positive health image, Rainbow Butterfly provides two beautiful, relaxing meditative experiences. Sometimes low self-esteem is far and away the major problem.
  • Personal Excellence  (CD’s) provides in-depth experiences for building self-esteem, self-confidence and self-expression.
  • A thorough understanding of the mind-body principles essential to permanent weight loss is presented in Dr. Miller’s book, Deep Healing, the Essence of Mind-Body Medicine (Opens in new tab).
  • Many people have found “Accepting Change, Moving On” to be quite helpful in dealing with the many life changes that often take place as one shifts to a new, healthier body.

The programs below are listed in alphabetical order and have been hand selected by Dr. Miller to help you with Weight Loss, and Weight Management (obesity, dieting, eating disorders).

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