Products for Wellness Support

Wellness is more than simply not being sick; it means developing a lifestyle that supports balance, vibrant good health, resistance to disease, fitness, and a sense of joy in living.

  • Health and Wellness contains four experiences that help you program your mind to guide mind, body, emotion, and spirit toward greater ongoing balance.
  • Because stress overload blocks wellness, Letting Go of Stress (CD) and Ten-Minute Stress Manager may prove very useful.
  • Wellness means making wise decisions and Serenity Prayer can help you access your inner wisdom in making the important choices in your life.
  • Writing Your Own Script can help you focus on and create those patterns that will maximize your wellness.
  • Awakening the Leader Within helps you take wellness into the positive direction – using high-quality leadership skills in your life and in your social world.


The programs below are listed in alphabetical order and have been hand selected by Dr. Miller to support your total wellness.

If you do not see any programs below or have any questions about ordering, please contact BetterListen at [email protected]