Physician Heal Thyself – How We Can Help Medicine Get Over Its Own Illness: A Conversation With Rachel Remen, MD [Free Podcast]



Rachel-Naomi-Remen-Headshot-226x300Today’s conversation features best-selling author, physician, and thought leader Rachel Remen M.D., whose work is changing doctors and medical schools throughout the world.

“I first met Rachel in the early 1970s, when she visited Esalen Institute to experience the work we were doing to create a new kind of medicine–one that was holistic and that focused on self-healing and human potential,” reminisces Dr. Miller.

In this conversation, you will hear how her “mind was blown,” and about her transformation from a typically rigid, emotionally closed, chief of a department at Stanford University Hospital to founder of “The Healer’s Art Curriculum.” This is a course that has enabled many thousands of physicians and other health professionals to transform their lives and deepen their sense of calling and service. It has been featured in US News & World Report in 2002 and 2005 and is presently taught in 60 medical schools here and 9 medical schools abroad.

You will find out why Dr. Remen says that “the footprints of the future are in the present,” and about how there is a hidden curriculum in modern medical education–one which gradually disconnects young doctors from their life purpose. You will hear how this leads to emotional repression, isolation, and burnout, on the part of the health professional, and ultimately, substandard care of patients and clients.

Listen, and discover more about the importance of being able to meet loss with presence, create real relationship between human beings (because, as Dr. Remen says, “medicine is an act of love”), and move beyond the “isolation of rank” to discover the “unity of service.” You will hear touching stories about physicians as they awakened from their slumber to discover the truth about healing and human relationship.


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