Careless Caregivers – How to Avoid the Disasters of Old Age: A Conversation with Rosanna Fay [Free Podcast]


Rosanna Fay

Ever think about what it’s going to be like when your aging parents become sick or incapacitated? Ever think about what it’s going to be like when that happens to you? Probably not, few people do. Who wants to focus on such a negative topic?

On today’s show we dive into what we can all do to prepare and avoid unnecessary stress, pain, and anxiety.

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Episode Description:

In our conversation, you’ll learn something about some of the things it would be very wise (although perhaps unpleasant) to confront before that phone call comes. You’ll learn about the sorry state of the Caregiver industry, how they are classified in the same income class as part time babysitters and who earn barely over minimum wage, even though they are taking care of two of the most loved people in our lives, our parents (or even ourselves). No one wants to think about it, but every one of us should, and Rosanna has made it as easy (and even as humorous) as can be.

This week’s guest, Rosanna Fay, former Silicon Valley executive, who had to deal with the tragedies that befall those that are not ready when that terrible phone call comes – that your remaining able parent can no longer hack it on their own, or the phone call that you have a serious chronic disease that is going to leave you debilitated for the rest of your life. She and her parents hadn’t really considered this when the news came that she was going to have to manage a terrifying situation when her remaining parent suddenly became terminally bed-ridden.


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Blog topics/solutions to be examined over the coming months will include:
Why your family must move to smart phones as the integrated technology platform to connect parents and children.  Any parent can learn to use a smart phone, if they choose the right one.

  • Review of Phillips Mobilecare app
  • Review of SmartBed technology
  • “Certified Aging in Place”; what is it and why does it matter?



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