Secret to Ageless Vitality: A Conversation with Wowza [Free Podcast]


Image of Wowza & Dr. Miller on Ageless Vitality

An internationally acclaimed wellness consultant, expressive arts therapist and embodiment speaker, Wowza has spent four decades leading groups in the human potential movement. Wowza is awakening!

A body language expert, her mission is to bring renewed value to The Physiology of Original Innocence, which is encoded with billions of years of instinctual knowledge to navigate us safely through the ups and downs of radical change. Reclaiming our original resources; expressive intelligence, the fluid grace of motion, free-spirited breathing, electrifying vocal power, playful enthusiasm, imaginative creativity, emotional authenticity and the body’s wisdom is the key to grow ever more beautiful with each passing year.

Wowza is an expressive arts therapist, movement/dance educator, sound healer, integrative bodyworker, spiritual counselor and international consultant on natural fitness. A presentation coach with On Camera, a firm that coach’s professionals for media appearances and corporate communications.

Wowza has studied with master bodywork teachers, Ida Rolf and Mohse Feldenkrais and has been a certified teacher of Rolfing Movement Integration. Her programs, The Physiology of Leadership and Computer Fitness: Take the Aches and Pains out of Work have been offered at Sun Micro Systems, Portal Publications and Oracle Corporation.

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