Understanding the Secrets of Your Body’s Cells, Wisdom at the Cellular Level – A Conversation With Sondra Barrett PhD


Sondra Barrett, PhD, is a biochemist and award-winning photographer who did post doctoral studies in immunology, hematology,and basic cancer. As you will discover in this fascinating and inspiring episode, she is a kindred spirit in a very special way – she, like me, fell in Love with the cells under her microscope, and even the molecules of which they’re made. Together we explore her story of what convinced her to bridge medical science and self-healing strategies, and what we have learned about how and why music is healing to the cells of the body.Sondra Barrett

Living cells, and especially the living cells of our bodies, are amazing. Most of us have been taught that all the important stuff happens in the nucleus, but as you will learn, the cytoplasm is anything but inert – it is composed of a highly complex structure that is responsive to various energies, and even the membranes of our cells make very important decisions.

The tensions and stresses on our cells’ internal architecture influences their actions and their health. Our attitude and our emotional reactions are registered at this intracellular level and can lead to dysfunction (i.e., illness and disease) at that level and of the system as a whole.

  • We discuss the kinds of tensions that take place within our cells and in our bodies when we are dishonest and when we feel shame and other emotions that reflect inner polarity and tension.
  • You will learn of the scientific studies that show how confronting and relieving this internal tension produces measurable improvement in our immune system lasting 6 months or more.
  • You will learn how the lung function in chronic asthmatics and the joint comfort in people with rheumatism can be significantly improved through alternative therapies, such as those I use in my work.

In her examining and photographing cells and molecules (a passion that became an obsession, as Dr. Barrett describes to us), she discovered, quite surprisingly, patterns of information, and she describes how molecules not only “hug” each other, but how their ability to embrace and create “sanctuaries” may have provided the basic structure that eventually gave rise to the appearance of life itself.

We are constantly learning about life, and we are constantly telling ourselves stories about who we are and about the nature of the world, but the character of these stories changes. No one who is living and learning sees the world the same when they’re 16 years old as when they are 6, and none still see the same world when they’re 26. In your story you tell yourself you may celebrate your life and feel happy about who you are, you may be resentful or you may be riddled with guilt, shame, or despair.

It is a profoundly important day in your life when you realize fully that3-me-jessup-book-cover-300x190

1. The story you tell yourself has a profound effect on every aspect of your being, right down to your immune system and whether or not you will become sick, develop cancer, or be able to recover from life’s inevitable physical and emotional traumas.
2. You have total control over the character of the story you are telling yourself – how it turns out and how enjoyable the journey is.

Join Sondra Barrett, PhD and me and discover how we can see not only intelligence, but something sacred in our cells and molecules.


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