Springing Back to Total Wellness

How delightful the gently lengthening days and the laughing faces of the daffodils. How beautiful the tulips at Ananda and in the front yard of the lady around the corner. Can the poppies be far behind? Take a walk around town and smell the Spring – these precious moments come but once a year. Don’t put it off; today is the tomorrow you hoped for yesterday.

The vernal fragrance, the warmth, the breath of Spring is whispering to you in hushed tones of Love. Can you hear it? Listen, it is reminding you of who you are – another bloom in this annual festival of blossoms. After a winter of dormant invisibility Life shows its greatest power, and spirit its true nature. And so should you.

Did you forget who you are during the mind-numbing overload of the last year . . . or the last two? Now is the time to remember how to remember. Take that walk!

When Hercules fought the giant Antaeus, the son of Gaia, he was startled to find that whenever he tossed the giant to the ground, he bounced back with his strength not only renewed, it doubled. Clever Hercules realized that whenever the giant touched his maternal Earth, a mysterious power flowed into him, so he mightily hoisted the struggling brute above his head and held him there in a bear hug. Gradually, the strength drained out of him, and Orpheus chucked his lifeless husk into a ravine.

The essence of Mind-Body healing, and the secret to effective stress management is always have the capability, wherever you may be . . . even right now . . . to take two or three deep, cleansing breaths. Sink into that little pause after you breathe out and before the next breath starts itself, the quietest time of all for your mind and body, and allow your spirit a moment of Presence.

Can you feel your Self, that You, the witness, the spiritual essence that dwells eternally beyond time and space – yet is always exquisitely present? Can you feel the joy, the beauty, the wholeness, the Life Force glowing there, there in the silence and stillness of your mind and body free of stress, anxiety, and attachment?

If so, savor it a few moments more. If not, it is a clear sign you need to get out in the garden, walk along the river, hear the birdsongs, and remember who you are. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the spiritual magnificence you see all around is simply a reflection of You.

Breathe it in deeply, keep it in your heart center, and know you can call on it all year long. Go, now, and take that walk.






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