Surviving the Sugar Season: A Conversation with Katie Carter [Free Podcast]

Katie Carter

Katie Carter

With the holiday season come the parties and the delicious candies, cakes, pies, and other delicious sweets and Carbohydrates. Then come the extra pounds of weight, the internal inflammation, and the imbalance that they cause.

Here to save the day is Superyogawoman Katie Carter with some lifesaving Strategies for Reducing Sugar Cravings! Katie has practiced yoga  for 40 years and taught it for 15. In addition, she is a holistic nutritional consultant.

In this timely offering you will learn about:

  • ways to eat that will curb your cravings for sugar and empty carbohydrates (this will help you throughout the whole year)
  • discover some important information about gluten and healthy fats
  • and, the importance of creating an internal environment that is healthy and alkaline


We will examine not only how to cut back on sugars, but also why it is important to do so now, and how you can protect your body by choosing the right way to drink your morning coffee. To top it off we will discuss what kind of alcohol is the best for you.


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