The Infinite Power of Your Imagination

In the beginning, science tells us, there were only one celled bacteria and fungus cells. Then things got much more interesting. Plants emerged, then more and more complex animals, in time leading to the human being, with the crowning achievement we possess between our ears – the human brain. And to go along with it, the infinite power of human imagination, the secret to all human creativity and production.  Think about it, what work of art, what automobile, or computer came into being without someone first visualizing it in their mind?

Through this incredible imagination we create our lives, for better or for worse. When we imagine that we are helpless we soon begin to believe we are helpless, we grow weaker, and we feel our lives are meaningless. Dr. Martin Seligman and other researchers have shown us how this learned helplessness leads to illness, dysfunction, and failure. On the other hand, if you’ve learned how to guide your imagination with wisdom, you can heal most of your illnesses and create a life of success, happiness, and love.

The bad news is that we live in a world where armies of propagandists and “attention specialists” are waging war against our minds.

They do this by using subtle hypnotic techniques delivered through subliminal advertising, fake news, and social media in which we are immersed.  The result of our poor choices is the (mostly) miserable world we live in.

The good news is that we have the tools to heal ourselves and take charge of our lives. These tools, based upon ancient teachings and practices and developed through modern neuroscience, are the tools I have been developing over the last 50 years. The world definitely needs to learn and use them.

In upcoming newsletters I will show you the true sources of our illness and dysfunction and provide the understanding and mind tools you need to change your life and our world. Step-by-step I will not only teach you the science and the logic of these tools, but offer you practical instruction on how to apply them in your life.

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