The New Face of Holistic Medicine, with Dr. Barbara Dossey, R.N. [Free Podcast]


Listen to Barbara Dossy in Conversation with Dr. Miller ImageThis conversation features another of the leaders who have contributed much to the transformation of human health care. Dr. Barbara Dossey is a recognized leader and authority in the field of nursing. She and her husband, Dr. Larry Dossey, have been colleagues of mine since the early 1970’s. She is the author of many books, including her latest, Florence Nightingale: Mystic, Visionary, Healer.

In this conversation you will learn about the new field of Nurse Coaching and the new federal agencies that she has been working with to bring preventive tools to our population. We discuss the real source of illness in our country and how the Nurse Coach goes about helping her/his patients or clients take charge of their lives. Barbara articulates how healing is promoted by attending to the delicate interaction of body, mind, and spirit, and how centuries-old concepts can be successfully applied in the care of patients and in everyday living.

There are over 3 million nurses in the United States and over 15 million globally, and in the Gallup polls they consistently rank as the most trusted of all professionals – higher than doctors (politicians and used car salesmen rank at the bottom). And since trust is such a crucial factor in a successful health coaching partnership, it is natural that nurses are especially effective as health and wellness coaches. Dr. Dossey shares with us how the Nurse Coach works, and how this new (and yet very old) role promises to be the leading edge of our nation’s renewed focus on wellness, prevention, and patient centered care.

Learn more about Dr. Dossey at, and about Nurse Coaching at, and join Dr. Miller and Dr. Dossey for this stimulating conversation.

Health and wellness coaching has historically been an integral element of nursing care. Nurses are the crucial interface between health care services and the lives and health of the people who are served by them. It is time to build upon nursing’s skills and knowledge, and utilize these skills within health promotion strategies in a new health coach model.

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