THRIVE – A Community Conversation and Screening – with Roger Strong and Reinette Senum


This conversation will features two guests, Roger and Reinette, both members of Dr. Miller’s local community in Nevada County. We will be discussing a local event, beginning at 5 PM on January 20, 2012, which promises to be a most unique experience. Gathered as a community, we will experience a remarkable new documentary movie, THRIVE, in the Alpha Building in Nevada City. The thesis of this film is that we need to wake up to what is taking place in our world, and respond quickly as communities in order to survive and live sustainably. In addition to experiencing the film, we will get to meet its creator, Foster Gamble, as well as many of the other remarkable members of our community.

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The event is sponsored by Roger Strong, Reinette Senum, and Dr. Miller. Roger and his family operate The Fix For Foodies raw food restaurant in Nevada City. Reinette is the former mayor of Nevada City, and currently sits on the Nevada City Council. They saw THRIVE on its premiere night, 11/11/11, and thought, independently, that it was important to bring this film and the awakening it provides to Nevada County. Soon they met with Dr. Miller who had been interviewed for the film, and who had been at the premiere. The idea of this community gathering, celebration, and conversation was soon born.

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In this conversation we will examine how THRIVE challenges our usual worldview and probes deeply into the massive global consolidation of money and power we have been witnessing in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers valuable solutions, with a goal of empowering us to reclaim our lives and our future.

Our guests believe that to successfully meet our current global challenges, it is essential that we ask hard questions, and that we find innovative solutions that go beyond just “Getting by.” In the conversation that accompanies this special Nevada County screening we will explore what this means for our community. Following this event we plan monthly meetings to focus on the 12 sectors outlined in THRIVE, and to implement strategies for collective action towards sustainable living.

How might we begin to better organize, given our unique needs and resources, to create a successful, healthy, free future? Come, bring your spirit, your creativity, and your love for this very special place we live in and lets find out. Learn more at Like us and stay informed.

. . . A storm is coming,

      and I hear the far-off fields say things

      I can’t bear without a friend,

      I can’t love without a sister.

– Rainer Rilke (from “The Man Watching)



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