Togetherness, Creating And Deepening Sustainable Love: A Conversation With Cyndi Dale & Andrew Wald [Free Podcast]


Love plays a most important part in all of our lives, whether we know it or not, whether the lack of it or its presence. Today we interview Cindy Wald, an intuitive and Andy Dale, a therapist. Together they have logged more than 80,000 hours in private consultation with people. Their take on this topic, combined with Dr. Miller’s, is explored in this edition of Conversations. Love, according to today’s guests, is a matter of “togetherness,” comprising care, unity, compassion, and bondedness. Using their new book, Togetherness, Creating and Deepening Sustainable Love as a starting point, we will explore the “definition” of Love, including the teachings of the great Zen master, Winnie the Pooh!

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Andy and Cyndi outline a “four step approach to opening your heart to extraordinary love.” These four pillars include being together with yourself, because it is crucial to understand why you need to love yourself in order to love another. Next, there is the notion of togetherness with a future partner, and then togetherness with a current partner. Finally there is partnering with community and the divine.

We discuss the importance of boundaries and how our many ego states tend to take over and drive our lives, how our inner children often end up driving our lives, and the need to deal with wounded inner children. Boundaries don’t only separate, boundaries connect – and wise management of these boundaries is at the core of truly loving relationships.

We don’t need to sacrifice the “heights” of relationships (such as we feel in the beginning of relationships) in order to experience the depths (that come only after a relationship matures over a longer period of time). Here are some hints on how to experience both simultaneously.

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