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The resources in this section explore this new way of thinking, and how it can give you greater access to wholeness, love, peak performance, and healing. Just as other paradigms evolve into new, higher order ones, the New Paradigm does not replace the old one, it absorbs it, balances it, and enhances it.

Here you will be offered an opportunity to explore these ideas more fully and enter into dialog with others. Some of these explorations will be at the personal level, and some at the collective level. Come, join the conversation.

Paradigm shifts in the history of the human being are exemplified by the shift from being hunter/gatherers to living an agriculturally based lifestyle; the shift from the earth-centered model of the solar system to the sun-centered one; the shift from Newtonian physics to the physics of Einstein, and the shift from classical mechanics to quantum mechanics.

Dr. Miller discovered a similar shift was needed to go from mainstream medicine with the belief in pills and procedures to the concepts of Mind-Body Medicine. A similar shift was needed to understand how to resolve the conflicts within an individual that produce illness and suffering, and how to resolve the stress and tension that are at the root of so much of our collective suffering. Understanding the power of prayer, meditation, guided imagery, and self-hypnosis requires a similar shift.

In his book, Our Culture On The Couch – Seven Steps to Global Healing, he called this the “New Paradigm.” He defined it as a holistic, systems approach to our life challenges that employs not only analytic forms of logic (differentiation), but also a form of logic that is organic and creative (integrative). Examined in this way, some of the thorniest of our individual and collective ills can be understood and effectively addressed. The essence is to see wholes (holons) as well as differences, and to allow one’s thinking to be guided by this kind of logic.

His conclusion, after a history, physical exam, and diagnosis, was that unless this shift to the New Paradigm of wholeness, integrity, love, and balance takes place, civilization as we know it is doomed. The Old Paradigm continues to hold sway, with violence creeping into every aspect of our lives. At the same time, many have realized the shift we have to make, and are actively in the process of transforming their lives and the world around them. If we can reach critical mass before too much of the wealth of our planet is destroyed, we can transform our lives and the world. But will we?

Here you will learn more about what that shift is and tools for how to facilitate it.

The all-pervasive stress that challenges us in this massively unstable world of ours, Dr. Miller tells us, is the direct result of what he refers to as “Old Paradigm Thinking.” If we are to survive and thrive – individually and collectively, we MUST learn to think in a new way. Join us in exploring just how this can happen, and why everyone of us is important in this global shift.

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