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If you are just beginning your explorations of your mind and emotions, or as a review for “old pros,” start out by reviewing the fascinating basic material at Stress, Anxiety, and Depression and Mind-Tools at our Learning Center.

This page will open to you an ongoing channel of information about the mind and the emotions, and how they can be balanced for deep healing and peak performance. Here you will find Dr. Miller’s articles, his conversations with leading scientists and healers, and videos that explore the potential of your passion, compassion, intelligence, and wisdom. And, of course, you will also receive powerful perspectives, tools, and techniques, such as guided imagery, affirmations, meditation, and self-hypnosis instructions, for balancing your emotional state and using your mind effectively and wisely.

Gaining a healthy perspective through our emotions and beliefs can have an enormous impact on our lives. With this ability we can wisely direct the course of our lives, our choices, what we create and what we make of ourselves. Resources at this page will offer you the tools to improve those choices.

We seem to be fixed on the future: We want our lives to follow a certain course, a certain trajectory, to have a certain kind of success, a certain vibrant good health. With the right programming or “software,” you can quiet unsettled emotions, focus your mind, silence unnecessary worry, access your deepest wisdom, and make more positive choices for yourself. Access the positive power of your emotions and use it as jet fuel to empower your vision, your goals, your personal purpose and your mission by using the resources at this page and offered at

This page will bring you articles, videos, audio downloads and CDs, and guided imagery (guided meditation) with new perspectives on connecting the mind and emotion. We will explore the hidden resources within our own skulls and learn how to access them for the purpose of freeing ourselves from the past and creating the future we really want to create.

We will explore the strange secrets of the brain – odd activities of the mind like the placebo response, denial, compassion, and reciprocal inhibition and learn to use them to our advantage. Through the use of selected audio and video media we will make this a rich sensory experience and offer practical ways to use the power of our Selective Awareness to reprogram our minds and bodies to be healthier and serve us well. Furthermore, you will have a chance to share your ideas and reactions with Dr. Miller and his readers.

The Challenge of Today

In a world as riddled with insecurity as ours, feelings of anxiety, depression, frustration, anger, and resentment are all too familiar. Here, at you will learn to balance such reactions and transform them. We will explore happiness, compassion, love, and all the other emotional states that make life worthwhile. Our goal is to help you discover your full potential for creating a healthy mind, body, and emotions, and ways to manage stress and achieve peak performance.

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