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Exposure to our world, which is filled with violence and violent communication, tends to harden our hearts and produce avoidance behavior. Here you will learn about how to feel Love and to use it to balance out Violence and provide the space for real relationship to flourish.

In a very real way, to love others is a central part of our purpose here on Earth — as most lovers will agree. The authentic experience of Love introduces you to deeper levels of your Self  which leads to true self-esteem, emotional richness and balance in your life.

The relationships we strive to model and present here are the kind that are based upon mutual respect, appreciation, acknowledgment, responsiveness, generosity, honesty, and support. It is our experience that this way of relating not only brings happiness and fulfillment, but has been shown to increase healing speed and total wellness.

At the more theoretical end of things you will discover what New Paradigm Thinking can reveal to you about all relationships, from your personal and intimate relationships to your relationships with the communities of which you are a part (family, neighborhood, workplace, nation).

Just as the life of a honeybee becomes meaningless and short when that bee is separated from the other members of the hive, our lives cannot be whole nor can we heal deeply without healing our relationships. And by healing I refer to the process of becoming more whole — in body, mind, emotion, spirit, and relationship.

It is very likely that you, or someone you are close to, have had relationships in the past that were traumatic — relationships with, for instance, parents, partners, peers, or authority figures. These of necessity will affect what you say and do, and what your expectations will be in every aspect of your life. These effects are subtle, but the whisper of negativity they breathe into your communications and conversations with others can impede and even destroy relationships.

Here you will find tips, facts, and mind tools to help you create the kinds of relationships you want in your life. This is a new resource category, and the number of posts will increase in the future. Stay in touch by subscribing to Healing Times eNewsletter (receive 2 free gifts with signup!)

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