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The free articles, videos, guided imagery, and meditations you will find here explore the changes taking place within and around us in a way that reveals the systemic nature of our problems. You will discover both a theoretical and a practical way to think about the world. You will learn to see the true source of our problems and recognize that you have a part to play in resolving them!

We live in a world that is being pushed to the precipice by greed, conflict, fragmentation, and polarized politics. Though we want to, we cannot change it because we don’t understand it.

Dr. Miller is convinced that our only hope is that we realize that we need a new way of thinking about and approaching our global challenges. In his book, Our Culture On The Couch – 7 Steps to Global Healing, he called this the “New Paradigm.” He defined it as a holistic, systems approach to our life challenges that employs not only analytic forms of logic (differentiation), but also a form of logic that is organic and creative (integrative).

Reasoning in this way, he began to see that just as a patient may experience many different symptoms that can all be traced to a deeper single source, there might be a single source that is expressing itself as symptoms at the societal, national, and cultural levels of our global system.

This new holistic (systems) perspective reveals that all things are connected as part of a coherent whole, that one cannot move a single part without impacting the whole, and “as above, so below.” He then began to discover and clarify those deep healing principles that might enable our global system to heal at all levels, from that of the individual to that of the planet as a whole.

You are not powerless; you have simply been hypnotized to believe that you are by the global system of lies, corruption, propaganda, and financially compromised media. The Matrix-like network that rules our planet and our individual lives uses distraction, — mostly through evoking fear— to hide from us the true understanding of how it works. It seems to understand that if we ever reach the point that enough of us look through that smoke screen, we will discover our true power, and quickly change the system. This has been done many times in the past — most recently in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya and Syria. If they can do it, so can we. And because we live in the free world, we can do it without all the violence.

Our goal at is to break through the walls of denial that keep us imprisoned and catalyze global transformation. We will explore the global application of the principles of New Paradigm Thinking — that perspective that reveals a hidden, yet very important interconnection between apparent opposites. Viewed in this way, the same fundamental oneness means that I am deeply connected to the whole, and that there are positive choices I can make that will impact the world. As Dr. Miller discussed in his book, Our Culture on the Couch – Seven Steps to Global Healing, the world has been run according to the principles of Violence. Now it is time to discover what happens if we open the doors to Love.

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