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We all understand pretty well what the physical level is – the body, its cells and its functioning. The health and wellness of the body  reflects how well the emotions are balanced. This balance depends upon the proper functioning of the mind and adequate stress management – especially at the conscious levels. The mind, in turn, is guided by a still higher level comprising beliefs, attitudes, expectations, and prejudices: this is the spiritual level.

When guidance from this level is wise, compassionate, coherent, and deeply felt, the result is freedom, joy, and deep fulfillment. This part of our learning center is about exploring just what ways we can use to enable the most authentic expression of our most profound spiritual level.

It is a challenge for each of us to discover how to integrate the spiritual perspective into our thoughts, words, and actions so that our day-to-day lives more fully express our deeper values. Come, join the conversation.

No man is wise enough by himself. – Norwegian Proverb

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