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Stress Management Comprehensive Suite from Dr. Miller

Dr. Miller’s CDs, MP3 downloads, and Cassettes feature his resonant, melodic voice, woven into a tapestry of beautiful music and the soothing sounds of nature. They induce a deeply relaxed, receptive state of consciousness similar to meditation and hypnosis, and enable you to transmit messages of wisdom and healing to your body and into the deepest levels of your being.  Along the way, you learn to let go of stress and tension, and to control pain and other symptoms. In addition, through repeated pleasurable listening, you can eliminate harmful habits and reach optimal levels of wellness and performance.

To enhance Deep Healing, Dr. Miller’s Guided Imagery audio Programs draw richly upon your emotions, intellect, and wisdom, and are fully compatible with both conventional and “alternative” medical therapies. In fact, these programs are widely recommended by physicians, and psychotherapists, by institutions like the Mayo Clinic and the Kaiser healthcare system, and by health practitioners of all persuasions.

Each Guided Imagery Audio Program brings you two to four different healing or peak performance meditations, and often one or two heart-to-heart talks with Dr. Miller. Each is skillfully designed so you can listen hundreds of times, with a different experience each time.

Dr. Miller’s Programs are of three main types:

  1. Deep Relaxation & Guided Imagery Programs: Most of Dr. Miller’s tapes and CDs feature one, two, or four inward healing journeys to accelerate healing and create peak performance. These are best experienced in a safe place, with eyes closed. Deep relaxation can also be achieved with eyes open, using one of Dr. Miller’s video productions, which add calming natural scenes to soothing and effective words and music.
  2. Drive-time Programs: For times when you can’t close your eyes and enter a deeply relaxed state, Dr. Miller has developed the Drive-time series; tapes/CDs have at least 30-90 minutes of material you can listen to any time. Just look for this symbol in this online catalog:
  3. Heart to Heart Talks: These recordings don’t just give information, but are designed to help you experience more deeply what is most important for you to experience. This is Dr. Miller’s way of bringing you powerful information, but in a form where most people have no trouble listening while they’re doing other things, driving, etc. Heart to Heart distinguishes programs and portions of the program as many programs contain both deep relaxation/ imagery and heart-to-heart talks.

Dr. Miller’s Catalog of Books, CDs, and Videos

There are eight categories in this online catalog. The books, CDs, and videos in each section address a specific application of Deep Healing. There are four ways to find the product you want:

Search By Media Type:

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  • SYMPTOM SEARCH if you want help with a particular issue, symptom or illness.

Many of the products allow you to listen to a brief excerpt as a sample. Go to the Listening Station, which provides an excellent auditory introduction to Dr. Miller’s voice and techniques. Dr. Miller’s Greatest Hits highlights his most sought-after recordings, and our Sale Items features unique or discounted items.

Discount Program:

Save Money; buy a Specially Priced Package. Each has been carefully selected to enhance and complement your deep healing.

  • Order between 3 and 14 items and receive a 10% discount on your order.
  • Order 15 or more items and receive a 40% discount on your order.
  • Special Discounts for any order that contains one or more Comprehensive Programs.
  • Special Discount for purchase of the entire Greatest Hits Library.

How to Order:

Order online using our secure shopping cart system.  Our secure system makes it easy and fun.

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Complete List of Products:

Abolish Anxiety Buy CD –  Buy MP3
Accepting Change and Moving OnBuy CD – Buy MP3
Anxiety & Phobia Workbook – Buy Book
A Time to HealBuy Video
Awakening the Healer WithinBuy CD
Awakening the Leader WithinBuy CD –  Buy MP3
Awakening The Leader Suite  – Buy CDs
Balance Stress And Optimal Health SuiteBuy CDs
Begin Your Day The Olympian WayBuy CD
Change the Channel on Pain –  Buy CD –  Buy MP3
Deep Healing The Universe –  Buy DVD
Deep Healing: The Essence Of Mind-Body Medicine  – Buy Book
Deep Healing: Your Personal Wellness SuiteBuy CDs
Down With High Blood Pressure – Buy Cd –  Buy MP3
Dr.Miller Resource Library Vol IBuy CDs
Dr.Miller Resource Library Vol IIBuy CDs
Empowering LeadershipBuy DVD
Easing into Sleep  –  Buy CD – Buy MP3
Escape From Depression –  Buy CD – Buy MP3
Finding Serenity –  Buy CD    Buy MP3
Freedom From WithinBuy CD
Freeing Yourself from Fear – Buy CD – Buy MP3
Goodbye InsomniaBuy MP3
Great Expectations –  Buy CD – Buy MP3
Headache Relief  –  Buy CD – Buy MP3
Healing from Cancer –  Buy CD – Buy MP3
Healing Journey – Buy CD – Buy MP3
Healing Our Planet –  Buy CD – Buy MP3
Healing Your Back  –  Buy CD –  Buy MP3
Health and Wellness  –  Buy CD – Buy MP3
Heart Of HypnosisBuy DVDs
I Am-Awakening Self-Acceptance –  Buy CD – Buy MP3
I Can-Achieving Self-Empowerment  –  Buy CD – Buy MP3
Imagine Yourself Slim  –  Buy CD – Buy MP3
Inner Child Healing  –  Buy CD – Buy MP3
Inspired Imagery –  Buy CD
Launching Your Day  –  Buy CD – Buy MP3
Letting Go Of Stress –   Buy CD – Buy MP3
Optimal Performance  –  Buy CD  –  Buy MP3
Optimizing ChemotherapyBuy CD Buy MP3
Optimizing Radiation TherapyBuy CD Buy MP3
Our Culture On The Couch SuiteBuy Suite
Our Culture On The Couch Buy BookBuy Ebook
Permanent Weight Loss – Buy CD – Buy MP3
Personal Excellence –  Buy CD
Power Of Your Mind To Nurture Your SpiritBuy DVD
Prelude to Infinity  –  Buy CD
Rainbow Butterfly –  Buy CD – Buy MP3
Real RelationshipBuy Book
Relaxation & Inspiration – Buy CD Buy MP3Buy Video
Run to Win  –  Buy CD
Serenity Prayer –  Buy CD Buy MP3
Serenity –  Buy Video
Sexual Intimacy –   Buy CD – Buy MP3
Smoke No More –  Buy CD – Buy MP3
Stress Fitness Vol. I –  Buy CD – Buy MP3
Stress Fitness Vol. II –  Buy CD – Buy MP3
Successful Surgery & Recovery – Buy CD – Buy MP3
The Silent Path –  Buy CD
Ten-Minute Stress Manager  –  Buy CD – Buy MP3
Truthiness FeverBuy Book Buy Audio Book
Why Dads LeaveBuy Book
Winning at Learning  –  Buy CD 
Writing Your Own Life Script  –  Buy CD – Buy MP3

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