Presence and a Sense of Place: Conversation With Noted Novelist Will North (Part One)


Will North

Every once in a while I read something and simply have to find and meet the writer. This happened with Jack Travis, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Will North. Now I am happy to share him with you!

Will is a writer with several top-selling novels to his credit and a personal history of writing speeches for the White House, serving in the Carter administration, as well as ghost writing for both Clinton and Gore. What attracted me to him was his keen sensitivity to some of the most important factors in living a meaningful life.

One of Will’s personal transformations took place when he decided to live purely in the present moment for three full months, while walking alone through the English Countryside. There is much to gain from listening as he describes his illuminations since then.

I was attracted to Will as the result of my experience of reading one of his articles in the local newspaper of Vashon Island – a small island community near Seattle that is reachable only by occasional ferry. His writing was so crisp and fresh, and his sensitivity to the human condition made me want to meet him. Part of his article described the people and the bulletin board of the coffee shop on the island where he has coffee every day from 8-9 AM. It turns out that characters at the Burton Coffee Stand at that time are all from New York, and they idle the hour away flinging insults at each other, and enjoying both the giving and receiving as only New Yorkers can. I had to meet Will and his cast of characters (full disclosure: I am from Brooklyn, New York).

Will has a lively sense of humor and a self-effacing manner, and a wonderful sense of what “home is.” In this interview you will learn how a place is more than just a space, and some of the characteristics of those places that kind of feel like home.

Will has written numerous books showing small firms how to become exporters and showing students how to create new paths to the future and has served as consultant to governors and state legislatures throughout the country.

In this first of two interviews we focus on the creative process, and why Will feels that writing a novel is like stripping in public. You will hear how a successful writer opens to his creative side, and how he lets the characters themselves guide the arc of his stories. Even if you are not a novelist, or even a writer, you are always faced with the job of relating to characters – starting with your own character, then extending into your children and all those around you. You will receive some valuable ideas about how you can do an even better job of creating your own life and live it with more integrity.

One of Will’s newest books is The Anatomy of Home, and as you listen, you will discover some important things about what “home” is and how to open to the warmth and power it can bring into your life. You will learn some of the factors of home, such as scale, shape, protection, order, and complexity, and ways you might find reasons and ways to find or create your true home.


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