Thoughts On Home, Community, Liberty, and Our Land: Conversation With Noted Novelist Will North (Part two)


Will NorthIn the second of two interviews with this extraordinary man I discovered on a tiny island in the far Northwest, we will go a bit deeper into these topics, and into the notion of their being a kind of home within. Like snails we carry a home with us wherever we go – except that this home is within us. You will see ways that this home can resonate with an environment.

Will shares his personal experiences of home and this island community, as well as other places where he has found similar characteristics, and why we must discover and take care of those places that have heart and meaning for you. Here is how we can become better stewards of both the internal home and those special places in the outside world.

You will see the importance of sensuousness in defining home, the sensitive awareness of “beauty and comfort and delight and spirit”, and that those are the things that animate dwelling and being, that give meaning to the places that we call Home, and how important it is, especially for men, to really open to their senses. Meaning is extremely important in life; it provides a code to how to live one’s life, much as a particular rhythm flows naturally with a corresponding style of dance.

We will also touch on the notion of our relationship to the land we live on, and how attitudes about this change from place to place and time to time. This is a lively, intelligent conversation you won’t want to miss.

I think you will enjoy the spirit and the interweaving that occurs during this conversation between new friends. Tune in!

 If you missed part 1, check it out Here.


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The Long Walk Home

The Long Walk Home

When forty-four year-old Fiona Edwards answers the door of her farmhouse bed and breakfast, she discovers a tall, middle-aged man shouldering a hulking backpack. He is unshaven, sweat-soaked … and arrestingly handsome. What neither of them knows at this moment is that their lives are about to change forever. American Alec Hudson has carried the ashes of his late ex-wife, Gwynne, all the way from his arrival at London’s Heathrow Airport to this valley amid the mountains of North Wales. He is honoring her request that he scatter her remains atop Cadair Idris, a towering mountain they had climbed years before, the mountain behind Fiona’s farm. But the weather is vicious and, as he waits for it to moderate, Alec and Fiona realize they are drawn together by mutual loss and longing.



Water, Stone, Heart

Forty-year-old Nicola Rhys-Jones is a woman in hiding. Fleeing an abusive husband—fleeing, indeed, a lifetime of physical and sexual abuse—she has found refuge in Boscastle, a tiny village on the stormy coast of Cornwall, England. Andrew Stratton, an American professor of abstract architectural theory, has never built a building. Shocked out of his academic bubble when his ambitious wife leaves him, he signs up for something real and tangible: a weeklong course in the art of building traditional dry stone walls—in Boscastle. From the moment they meet, Nicola and Andrew are drawn to each other but also are at daggers drawn.

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