You Are What You Think – Thoughts as Vitamins of Deep Healing and Happiness

“You Are What You Eat.” We are all aware of that.
But are you just as aware that it is also true that “you are what you think”?

It is true that the physical aspects of your body are intrinsically related to the food you eat, since the atoms that your body incorporates from the food you eat is who you are physically. But in truth, you are much more than just your body.

Woman relaxing in the sunAfter all, the dead body is made up of exactly the same atoms and molecules as the living body. It is physically constructed of exactly the same food as when it was alive. But there is a big difference between the states of living and death.

The truly living part of you, your mind, your feelings, your thoughts about who you are and what’s most valuable to you in your life are dependent upon the health of your brain and your mind. The most important aspect of you, the living part, is dependent upon the ability of your mind to see clearly what needs to be seen and to act in a way that serves you and produces healing, wellness, happiness, and love.

“A sound mind in a sound body,” they say, and just as the body needs its co-factors in order to nurture it, the mind needs a certain co-factors also–sort of like “mental vitamins.”


Mental Vitamins

Just as the health of the physical body depends upon its receiving high quality organic food and processing it effectively, true health at the level of the mind (mental/psychospiritual balance) involves seeing the truth clearly, and processing it effectively. And just as the physical body needs vitamins, you need mental vitamins to create the health, wholeness, and love you want in your life.

Vitamins B, C, and D, for example, are co-factors, tools, like a hammer or screwdriver, that your body uses in the process of constructing the actual proteins of which you are made. There are also mental tools, or “co-factors” that allow you to process your daily experiences so as to construct the mental, physical, emotional, and social environment that you really want to create.

When you lack the proper amount of certain vitamins, you experience health problems –- problems that are the result of your poor absorption or processing of the molecules of food you have eaten.

When you lack “mental vitamins,” you experience health problems and imbalance at the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level, as a result of the poor processing of information and experience. Before we become physically ill, we may or may not notice that there has been a build up of emotions, that we have been feeling angry, anxious, depressed, and stressed. Even if we don’t recognize these emotions within, they have an effect on the body, producing 80% or more of all our illnesses.

When you have a full complement of your “mental vitamins,” you become able to see clearly the world around you and to think about it in a certain way that produces health and happiness. Emotions are brought into balance and physical healing ensues.


Mind Tools

You may think of these mental vitamins as Mind Tools. Each of these Mind Tools is a way of processing the information that comes to you from your body and the world around you — a way that gives you the ability to recognize your symptoms and deal effectively with their true source.

Each of these Mind Tools is represented by a certain way of thinking, a certain perspective, a certain attitude, a certain way of looking at your self and the world you live in.Silouette of gears turning in head

For example, as you are probably aware, there are ways that you can think about yourself and the world that tend to make you feel really sad–such as when you begin to see yourself as the victim of pain, anguish, unkind others, or an oppressive world. On the other hand, there are times when you feel steeped in gratitude, grateful for the beauty around you and the extraordinary gift of life that dwells within your body.

Certain “mental vitamins,” certain Mind Tools, and knowing how to use them, help you to realize the power you have within to shift into a way of seeing the world that produces health, success, and joy. Your brain is designed to create this kind of world before you, and when you use your mind and brain to process the mental and emotional information reaching you in the way it was designed to, you will experience a dramatic movement towards health, success, and happiness. Mental Vitamins are necessary to do this.

The Tools are simple, you’ve already heard of them. Some of them are represented by the following ideas:

  • The source of all suffering is wanting things to be different from how they are.
  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • True healing means wholeness and balance at every level of system.
  • You have the power to choose your attitude in any set of conditions.
  • Experiencing love, peace, and wholeness is possible in every moment.


But just as looking at the label on a bottle of vitamins will not resolve a physical vitamin deficiency, merely knowing the names of these Mind Tools will not produce the healing, happiness, and success you really want. The vitamin must be incorporated into your body in order for your body to use it, and the mental attitudes you need to create the world you really want to create require that you:

  • Discover the truth of who you are, your true values and purpose;
  • Incorporate your deepest values into each of your life’s activities;
  • Practice integrity — so that what you think, what you say, what you feel, and what you do are all congruent.


In my next article I will give you some tips on how you can do that. Meanwhile, learn some of these Mind Tools and sign up for my monthly newsletter.



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