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What is Healing?

What is Healing Image of Woman and PoochTo heal is to become whole. The word healing comes from an old English word that is also the root of whole, hale, hearty, and holy. A person who is profusely bleeding has a hole from which the life-giving blood is being lost. A person whose beloved pet dog is lost in the city does not feel whole. And a family with several important members missing on the holidays is not whole.

Whether the wound is physical, emotional, or mental, the idea is to restore wholeness as soon as possible. Stopping the bleeding with pressure is moving in a healing direction. Suturing the wound and closing it is another step in the process. The final step is the wholeness that takes place…

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What is Deep Healing?

You are probably quite familiar with healing as the process by which a cut on a toe closes, a black eye resolves, or a bad cold gets better. In many cases, however, there also may be imbalances at other levels.

If the black eye was the result of an argument with a spouse, then there is usually an emotional disturbance, and a relationship disturbance as well. If the bad cold is the result of a person’s not exercising or eating well because they are depressed, then for the real problem to be addressed, we also need to address the thoughts, behaviors, and emotions of the patient.

If a badly sprained ankle prevents a person from being able to compete in a championship they have worked for years to compete in, then that simple sprain might trigger enormous despair – with the result that both their self-esteem and deep disappointment need to be treated as well as their body. As you can see, physical problems have an effect on the mind and emotions just as the mind and emotions can cause physical symptoms.

Deep Healing, then, refers to the process of treating all levels of system, with the goal of balancing, healing, and harmonizing relationships among mind, body, emotion, spirit, and environment. To do this we use the conscious mind to balance all the levels of the system, harmonizing and organizing all these levels with the physical body as well as with our spirit and our inner wisdom.

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What is Self-Healing?

Self-healing is a process in which you guide your mind and body to speed up the healing process and make it more complete. Anxiety, depression, and negative emotions can slow healing down. Proper use of Mind Tools such as deep relaxation, guided imagery, meditation, self-hypnosis, and stress management can quicken the healing process and make it more profound and complete.

Sometimes you may need to take medication or have surgery to support your healing, but in the final analysis, it is your body that must heal itself. A cast may protect and support your broken leg, but it is the bones of your leg that must do the healing.

Self-healing refers to the things you can do to cause your internal system to function better and heal you faster and more thoroughly. Self-healing involves behaving wisely, tuning into the true needs of your body, mind, spirit, and soul and making wise choices – to eat the right way, exercise the right way, and get the right amount of sleep. Learn to relax deeply for ten or twenty minutes each day, three times a day if you want even better results.

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You Have the Power to Heal Yourself!
All healing is self-healing. The only thing a drug, herb, surgical procedure, therapist, or doctor can do is help nurture or support your innate capacity to heal. Use experts when you need them, but also use your specialist within. Reach that inner specialist by realizing your potential for healing, peak performance and, success.

The most important factor in your healing, whether what you suffer from is physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, or relationship-based, is information. The wrong information can slow your healing or make you worse. The right information can speed your healing. What’s more, it can enable you to achieve the things that really mean the most to you and to perform at your peak.

Emmett Miller, MD is a leader in the field of mind-body health, and a specialist in creating healing experiences through guided imagery products, meditation, self-hypnosis, and cognitive, behavioral techniques.

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How to Heal Yourself

You can heal yourself! In fact, you are the only one who can.
First, you need to understand the process with your intellect, the part capable of critical thinking that realizes the value of evidence-based reasoning.

The next step in healing any system is that the system becomes aware of its identity as a system. For you, this means freeing yourself from distraction and focusing on who you are, your true values, purpose, goals, and vision.

Then you learn how to read the signals and messages that come from within and how to balance your system – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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About Self Healing

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