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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a common anxiety disorder. People with Obsessive-compulsive disorder suffer from repetitive, intrusive, and distressing thoughts (obsessions) and/or compulsive behavior patterns that repeat even though the person realizes the behaviors are unreasonable or even irrational. Sometimes the compulsive person appears to be superstitious, always walking along a certain path, rechecking the locks seven times when leaving the house, or continually washing their hands.

Many more people are bothered by obsessive thinking than by compulsive behaviors. When you have a hard time going to sleep at night because your mind keeps worrying about something you have no control over, this is obsessing. Many of us have this trait which has at its base anxiety and mental tension. Unfortunately, obsessing increases our anxiety, thus forming a vicious cycle. Compulsions, on the other hand, relieve anxiety temporarily but unfortunately, they have to be repeated.

In today’s world, you would have to be living under a rock to not feel like there are things to worry about – things like financial/economic crises, the violent and unsupportive nature of the world, and how to bring up children in these disordered times. Sometimes you may even feel distracted or have a problem falling asleep. It is only when these symptoms are intense and persistent to a certain degree that they may constitute a clinical obsessive-compulsive disorder. When it has reached that level, it is important to seek professional attention to make sure you are aware of the options available for treating it.

OCD Treatment Options

If you have some of these OCD symptoms, whether or not you need therapy or other treatment, you will find it valuable to learn how to utilize your ability to relax and re-script your behavior. To begin with, learn about how to use Mind-Tools to abolish anxiety. You can retrain your brain and body; write a new life script for yourself.  Dr. Miller’s Escape From Depression along with Letting Go Of Stress may be helpful as well. Sometimes what is needed is Nurturing Spirit so you can tap into your deeper resources.

Take a little time and learn about what stress is and how you can deal better with the challenges in your life. The principles of Mind-Body Medicine are important to understand. See the tools for dealing with anxiety in our Online Store, and follow some of the links below to learn how to deal with this problem through information and guided imagery audio.

Fortunately, there are antidotes to that anxiety — states of deep relaxation, hypnosis, meditation, and prayer.

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