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Mind-Body Medicine:  What It Is – How It Works

Although much of the information at the Learning Center will be of value to even highly skilled meditators, health care professionals, and coaches, we will begin with the basics – an introduction to the ideas that are foundational to Dr. Miller’s work. Although there is, considerable overlap among them, there are four primary threads for you to explore, at your own speed, in whatever order you prefer. You will notice on the menu bar to your left that each has its own section which lists its currently available articles.

Learn more about Dr. Miller's approach to dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. 1. Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
First, as you can see, there is an Introduction to Dr. Miller’s approach to stress, and its close bedfellows anxiety and depression. Stress and the chemicals it releases into the body is a prime factor in essentially every illness and dysfunction. You will find the ideas and tips on stress management invaluable for creating and maintaining the vital balance in your system.  Many illnesses and dysfunctions are inflammatory in nature, and an understanding of what anxiety is will help you understand yourself and others in a new way. Likewise, many illnesses and maladaptive habit patterns are forms of “helplessness and hopelessness,” and you may be quite surprised to learn what evidence-based studies about depression have revealed.

Relaxed Man Listening to Guided Imagery 2. Mind-Tools
Learn about the specific processes and techniques you can use for harmonizing mind, body, emotion, and spirit. You will learn about the Master skill of guided imagery and the theory and practice of meditation. You will learn how Dr. Miller has adapted the technique of autosuggestion used in self-hypnosis combined with the self-induced state of deep relaxation to create Software for the Mind.


Tulips reaching for the sky - Learn to Heal Yourself 3.   Self-Healing
Learn about self-healing and how to heal yourself how people can participate in creating their own healing process. You will learn what self-healing is, how you can learn to heal yourself in just a few enjoyable few minutes each day, and how you can use Self-Healing MP3 Downloads, CDs, Tapes, and Books to support your return to health, wellness, and peak performance.
Image of body with rainbow chakras 4.   Mind-Body Medicine
Fourth on the menu is Mind-Body Medicine. You will learn what Mind-Body Medicine is, some of the history and theories of Mind-Body Medicine, and about some of the very valuable tools of Mind-Body Medicine.

Basic Level Readings

Below this Basic Level, you will find more advanced readings, current research, and presentations by Dr. Miller, as well as audio and video experiences, free guided imagery audio & meditations.

Advanced Level

Icon for Dr. Miller's Podcast Channel, Conversations with Exraordinary People

  • The Free Resources will guide you through many more of Dr. Miller’s breakthrough ideas on New Paradigm Thinking, Global Healing, Collective Intelligence, and spiritual attunement as well as practical techniques to help you grow in maturity and wisdom, and become the person you really want to be. Because there are several different learning styles, we offer all this in several forms.
  • Articles – For those who learn best by reading, and those who want a deeper understanding, you will find articles with a wealth of information, inspiration. Articles on self-healing, how mind and body relate in health and in disease, and how to understand human emotions – as well as how-to articles for integrating these new learnings into your life or your practice.
  • Videos – Some videos feature Dr. Miller live in a lecture setting, others are guided imagery experiences with video overlays, still others are interviews with leaders and healers.
  • AudioListen to Heart-to-Heart talks by Dr. Miller, guided imagery meditations, and his Podcast “Conversations with Extraordinary People“.

Please continue your explorations along any of these threads, at the end of every article we have included a ‘Join the Conversation’ section where you can leave your comments!  Please consider sharing your thoughts, insights, questions, etc…

Our goal here at DrMiller.com is to provide you with the information you are looking for.  Let us know how we are doing!  What do you like? What you would like to see more of? Send us an email!

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